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Coptic Solidarity Conference Washington DC June 2018

Religious Persecution

Coptic Solidarity 2018


At a conference on religious freedom, in Washington DC, organised at Capitol Hill by Coptic Solidarity, David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool) called for an international world wide day to highlight the right to freedom of religion or belief. 

Capitol Hill 2018

With fellow speakers, Canadian MP Garnett Genuis and New Jersey Congressman, Chris Smith


May 2018 Public Lecture, Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

The Duty To Defend Democracy


November 2017: Speech commemorating more than 8 million UK lives ended in the womb at a CARE event in London



November 2017 Speech to the Chester Pitt Club


October 2017

Lecture at Liverpool Hope University on North Korea

North Korea Liverpool Hope 2017


October 2017

Talk at Fulwood Lancashire on The Sanctity of Human Life 

Fulwood 2017 A Matter of Life And Death


Washington Summit, May 2017, In Defence of the Persecuted

Washington Presentation


Stonyhurst Easter Retreat Good Friday 2017: A Faith Worth Dying for Might Be Worth Living For

Stonyhurst Retreat Presentation 2017.pdf


University of Oxford, March 3rd 2017: The John Milton Lecture


Foreign and Commonwealth Office Presentation: October 19th 2017

Why Freedom of Religion and Belief Is Particularly Relevant

Powerpoint presentation: forb-presentation-fco


October 2016: Warsaw Lecture: Article 18 – An Article of Faith


warsaw-lecture – to view powerpoint presentation

warsaw-lecture – to read the text




Premier Lecture: June 2016 – Liverpool: A Battle of Belief – a matter of life and death –

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A Battle of Beliefs – a matter of

A Battle of Beliefs final draft

Premier Lecture


The Year of Mercy and What It Means for Human Rights
Gonzaga Lecture – Delivered at The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Vincent St, Glasgow – February 27th 2016
Speech transcript: Gonzaga Lecture – The Year of Mercy and What It Means for Human Rights
Presentation slides: The Year of Mercy and What It Means for Human Rights

The Genocide of Christian and Yazidi Minorities in the Middle East
St Andrew’s Cathedral, Edinburgh – October 29th 2015
Presentation slides: Edinburgh 2015 A Faith Worth Dying For 2015
Further reading: The Genocide of Christian and Yazidi Minorities in the Middle East

Education for Citizenship
Singapore Management University’s Distinguished Education Lecture – March 2015
Presentation slides: Singapore Management University’s Distinguished Education Lecture March 2015

Time for the United Nations to create a World Orphans Day?
Tokyo and Seoul Speech to Promote the UN World Orphans Day Initiative – October 27th 2014.
Speech transcript: Time for the United Nations to create a World Orphans Day? 
Presentation slides: Tokyo-Seoul World Orphans Day

Making Change Through Politics
Milfield, Spring 2015.
Presentation slides: Making Change Through Politics

Laying Down Their Lives for Their Faith
Celebrate Conference and talks in Manchester Moss Side and Liverpool – 2015
Presentation slides: Celebrate 2015 Laying Down Their Lives for their Faith

Paying a Price for Belief
Brentwood – March 2014
Presentation slides: Paying A Price For Belief Brentwood 2014

Reading the Signs of The Times
Liverpool Hope University – June 2013
Presentation slides: Reading the signs of the times

J.R.R Tolkien 
David Alton talk on J.R.R Tolkien – 2011
Audio: J.R.R Tolkien Talk – David Alton audio version
Presentation slides: Tolkien Liverpool 2011 final copy
Presentation slides: Liverpool Catholic Chaplaincy Talk on Tolkien February 2011

Assisted Dying and Euthanasia
Talk given to Liverpool Medical-Legal Society – November 2010
Presentation slides: 2010 Liverpool Medical-Legal Society 1

Gladstone – Son of Liverpool, Scourge of Tyrants
Roscoe lecture – October 2009
Audio: Gladstone – son of Liverpool, Scourge of Tyrants – Tuesday 2 October 2009 – Roscoe Lecture

It’s A Matter of Life and Death
Talk given is Scotland on abortion, euthanasia, embryo experimentation and the sanctity of human life.
Presentation slides (Scotland): Scotland 2010 (2)
Presentation slides (Rome): Rome 2010 (2)

North Korea – Breaking the Deadlock – A Different Approach
Cambridge – 2011
Presentation slides:  North_Korea Cambridge 2011Blessed John Henry Newman

Vienna Forum
May 2010
Presentation slides: Vienna Forum 

Education for Good Science and Good Ethics
Presentation slides: Educating for good science and good ethics

Human Rights, Human Life, Human Dignity
Presentation given to Edinburgh University Pro Life Society – September 2011
Presentation slides: Human Rights, Human Life, Human Dignity Edinburgh

Rome Reports: Defending Life At Every Stage
Rome Reports interviews Lord David Alton on his work around human rights and the sanctity of human life.

The Condition of England…
Presentation slides: The Condition of England Question 2011

Pain of the Suffering Church
Presentation slides: Celebrate 2012 Pain of the Suffering Church
Audio: Celebrate Ilfracombe 2012 David Alton The Pain of the Suffering Church

What Easter Means to Me
Presentation slides: What Easter Means To Me

Presentation slides: Rome LUMSA 2011 (97 – 2003 version of office)

Lessons of William Wilberforce
Presentation slides: Buckfast Abbey Clear Voices Conference 2012

Why Britain Needs the Sharp Compassion of the Healers Art
October 2012
Presentation slides: Maranatha Lecture Manchester 2012

Turning Visions into Reality – Dream, Plan, Achieve
Yanbian University of Science and Technology – 2012
Presentation slides: Yanbian (YUST) Turning Visions Into Reality 2012

North Korea Case Reports and Human Rights Violation: From Documentation to Advocacy
September 2012
Presentation slides: Seoul Human Rights Conference 2012 “Why Human Rights Are The Key Priority

For Just Such A Time As
Celebrate 2013
Presentation slides: Celebrate 2013 For Such A Time As This

Blood Cries Out by Ooberfuse
In memory of Shahbaz Bhatti