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Lecture on Education for Citizenship at Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University’s Distinguished Education Lecture March 2015

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Tokyo-Seoul World Orphans Day

Spring 2015:

Millfield Making Change Through Politics

Celebrate Conference and talks in Manchester Moss Side and Liverpool:

Celebrate 2015 Laying Down Their Lives for their Faith

Power Point presentation to accompany a talk given at Brentwood in March 2014 entitled “Paying a Price for Belief.”:

Paying A Price For Belief Brentwood 2014

“Reading the Signs of The Times” Liverpool Hope University, June 2013: – reading the signs of the times

David Alton


J.R.R Tolkien Talk – David Alton audio version

Tolkien Liverpool 2011 final copy

Liverpool Catholic Chaplaincy Talk on Tolkien February 2011

2010 Liverpool Medical-Legal Society 1

Gladstone – son of Liverpool, Scourge of Tyrants – Tuesday 2 October 2009 – Roscoe Lecture

Scotland 2010 (2)

Rome 2010 (2)

North_Korea Cambridge 2011Blessed John Henry Newman (2)

Vienna Forum (2)

windows 7 version Educating for good science and good ethics

Human Rights, Human Life, Human Dignity Edinburgh

Rome Reports: Defending Life At Every Stage –

The Condition of England Question 2011

Celebrate 2012 Pain of the Suffering Church

Celebrate Ilfracombe 2012 David Alton The Pain of the Suffering Church Audio MP3

What Easter Means To Me

Rome LUMSA 2011 (97 – 2003 version of office)

Buckfast Abbey Clear Voices Conference 2012 – Learning the lessons of William Wilberforce Powerpoint Presentation

Maranatha Lecture Manchester 2012

Yanbian (YUST) Turning Visions Into Reality 2012

Seoul Human Rights Conference 2012 “Why Human Rights Are The Key Priority

Celebrate 2013 For Such A Time As This