Why I Oppose HS2 – speech in the House of Lords and how the money could be better spent on improving the north’s local railways and East-West Cross Pennine rail links – July 2018 Why I have made a Freedom of Information Request to the Infrastructure and Projects Authority About The Spiralling Costs of HS2


In 2015 I warned that HS2 would overspend and was a misuse of public money.

Last week The Sunday Times revealed that the Infrastructure and Projects Authority had found that that HS2 is “highly likely” to go as much as 60% over budget at a cost of “more than £8O million”; that the project is “fundamentally flawed” and in a “precarious position”.

I 2015 I argied that these funds should be used to improve existing infrastructure, including railway lines in the north of England, and commuter services.

This week I asked the Government whether they agree with the findings of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority that HS2 will have “a very high opportunity-cost impact across other government departments “ and that HS2 management has “lack of cohesion and common vision” 

This week I received this reply from the Government: 

Baroness Sugg, the Department for Transport, has provided the following answer…

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