What Chesterton had to say about the Resurrection;Good Friday and Easter Reflections – a promise of new life


Easter 2018

What Chesterton had to say about the Resurrection:


via dolorosa

Good Friday 2018.pngCarrying their cross

Why the United Kingdom should start acting on behalf of religious minorities in the Middle East

On Good Friday, Christians will pray and – in many churches – also walk the way of the cross – the Via Dolorosa – a tradition dear to those who attend the Easter services.

The Via Dolorosa – the way of sorrows, the way of grief, the way of suffering – is commemorated in the fourteen stations of Jesus’ suffering. Pausing at each we try to understand what was happening on the way to Mount Calvary – the place where the most inspiring figure in history was executed. To more than a billion believers, He is more than just an inspiration. Having suffered greatly Himself, the Son of God represents redemption to all of mankind.

Over the centuries, Christians have lived in the…

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