Question Raised In Parliament About Plastic Waste

Question Raised In Parliament About Plastic Waste

February 2018: Plastic Fish Protest at Westminster


Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB)


My Lords, what studies have the Government commissioned into the environmental hazards that may occur if we start to burn large amounts of plastic waste, and what percentage of plastic can be recycled according to the Government’s own estimates?


Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Government Minister. Con)


My Lords, following considerable investment, there are now about 40 large municipal waste plants. They are highly regulated by the Environment Agency precisely to ensure that we recover energy and, importantly, they also operate within all the emission tests. I do not have the precise figure for what is currently recyclable but I will write to the noble Lord. However, the whole essence of our objective is to cut the amount of plastic in circulation and to reduce the variety of plastic so that we can recycle ever more.

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