8,894,355 reasons why Ireland should continue to uphold the sanctity and dignity of every human life – because both lives matter. Count The Missing People. Baroness O’Loan poignantly Explains what lies behind her Bill to protect workers sacked for refusing to collaborate; What Ireland’s Former Taoiseach Has To Say In Opposing Anti-Life Attempts To Repeal the 8th…



Read here Lady O’Loan’s poignant account of what has motivated her to challenge unjust laws: 


Baroness Nuala O'Loan


Why David Quinn is right: Ireland deserves to hear the whole story –


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What Ireland’s Former Taoiseach Has To Say In Opposing Anti-Life Attempts To Repeal the 8th…

https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/former-taoiseach-says-ireland-should-be-proud-of-eighth-amendment-1.3423831 <https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/h-9FCK13nCqQRY3cvbRYw?domain=irishtimes.com&gt;

As 100,000 Irish people demonstrate against proposed laws that would allow abortion up to birth on grounds of mental health two  important articles were published this morning by Alban Maginness and William Binchy, spelling out the reasons why both lives matter and why those who care about human rights and the defence of human life should vote no:



William Binchy is adjunct professor of law , Trinity College Dublin.



David Alton

Legislate for Life

At 7.30pm on Thursday 25th of January in Belfast, Lord (David) Alton will be giving a talk entitled “Legislate for Life” at St Brides Hall, 38 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast BT9 6FP . All welcome.

On January 26th The House of Lords will debate Baroness (Nuala) O’Loan’s new Bill on the right of conscientious objection against participating in abortions. The following link takes you to the report of Fiona Bruce MP and other parliamentarians about how conscience has been subverted: 



2017 The Irish Independnent and The Eighth Amendment

  • from The Irish Independent

Both Lives Matter….

To view the talk given by David Alton in Dublin on December 3rd, click here:

Ireland 2017 Choose Life.

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Count the Missing Britons and The People Of Ireland Would Be Wiped Out Twice Over

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