Why Katie Ascough Deserves Our Admiration. She Has Been PC In The Best Sense – Politically Courageous. Also Speech delivered to commemorate the anniversary of more than 8 million babies lives ended in the womb. And a runner in the London Marathon who put the unborn child up front.

Here is someone, 30 years ago, leading the London Marathon Race and using the opportunity to support the unborn child https://youtu.be/9tuwo_Xd5fw?t=1392

David Alton

Why Katie Ascough Deserves Our Admiration.

Katie Ascough1University College Dublin (UCD) students have voted to impeach their Students’ Union President Katie Ascough.  They did this because she bravely refused to distribute advertising to promote the ending of lives through abortion.   She refused to be bullied into breaking Irish law and she courageously upheld the principle of freedom of speech.

Katie has been on the end of a campaign of political correctness but she has shown a different kind of PC – political courage.  She may have lost a vote but she has won great admiration.  Ireland needs wonderful women like Katie in public life and I hope that one day we may see her elected President of something more worthy than her student union.

After the vote she spoke with great dignity saying:

Addressing a large crowd of students after the final results of the vote were announced she said

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