The Cheshire Pitt Club – Toast to William Pitt The Younger Following A Speech Entitled O My Country. How I Love My Country. But Do We? November 2017

David Alton

O My Country. How I Love My Country.  But do We?

David Alton – November 3rd 2017.

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Professor Wheeler: thank you for that generous introduction. I hope that one day my obituary reads as well!

You made several remarks about my age when I was elected as a City Councillor and Member of the House of Commons.

It’s passing strange but when all of us were young, and were asked our age, we would tell people that we were five and a half or six and a half, and so on. As we got older we quietly dropped the reference to the half and as the years pass are likely to be more like the American comedian, Bob Hope, who famously said ’I’ve found the secret of eternal youth. I lie about my age.’

Having been a one time the baby of the House of Commons I’m going…

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