October 13th and 14th Meetings in Fulwood and Upholland to commemorate 50 tragic years of abortion – “1 every 3 minutes in the UK”. A Poignant Anthem for the Unborn Child. 50 Years and 8 Million Lives Ended: Who Can Sound The Depths Of Sorrow? And Hear The Story of Lynda and her son, Kevin- who was allowed to live.

To see the presentation of talks given at Fulwood and Upholland,  Lancashire on Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14th to commemorate 50 years of abortion – 1 every 3 minutes, over 20 every hour in the UK – click here

Fulwood 2017 A Matter of Life And Death

At the meeting  at Upholland, near Wigan, in Lancashire, (October 14th) David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool)  said that attempts to “no platform” pro- life speakers and to silence the arguments about the sanctity of human life “smack of an illiberalism worthy of a totalitarian State.”  He said that it revealed a desperation on the part of opponents who know that “the tide of history is running against them.” He told the annual SERRA Conference that fifty years ago, this month,  when abortion was legalised only 29 MPs voted against it, whereas today hundreds support the pro-life cause or want significant change made to the law. He spelt out the “significant and eye watering multi-million business that the abortion industry has become – often oblivious to the devastating effects on many women and the tragic industrialised destruction of human life” (Details can be seen by clicking on the following link:


His remarks follow a well-attended meeting held in Lancashire last night (October 13th) when the Crossbench Peer, said that since abortion was legalised 50 years ago there had been more than 8 million abortions – and that every one of them was a tragedy. He said that over 20 abortions take place every hour in the UK – one life is ended every 3 minutes. He focused on the scientific evidence that life begins at conception and said that law and human rights legislation should reflect this. He said that phenomenal sums of money are made by the abortion industry and that women’s lives have been put at risk. He attacked attempts to prevent freedom of speech and the erosion of conscience. 


A Poignant Anthem To Share In Memory Of Lives Lost

Don’t Let 50 Years and 8 Million Abortions Pass Without Marking This Tragic Anniversary In Some Way. 

 Please Consider Joining the One Minute of Silence in Parliament Square at 11.05 am on Friday October 27th – commemorating the moment this Bill became law; and the Vigil at 5.30pm at Westminster Cathedral on Friday October 27th  and the CARE Rally at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street, Westminster,  on Saturday October 28th at 2.00pm.

Share with others these details and encourage them to listen to two pieces of music which can be accessed through the following links.

 The first is by Graham Kendrick, who published and recorded “Who Can Sound The Depths of Sorrow?”  twenty years after the passage of the 1967 Abortion Act, and as attempts were being made in Parliament, 30 years ago, to reduce the number of abortions. 

It was sung in the Royal Albert Hall by thousands of pro-life supporters as more than 3 million white petals cascaded onto those who were gathered there. Each petal marked a life ended. 

It was recently sung during a commemorative pilgrimage to Walsingham.

This powerful anthem for the unborn remains as poignant and, sadly, as relevant as on the day it was first sung. Listen to it again by clicking here:  


Earlier this year another musician, Vin Garbutt,  died.

 He was, in many respects, the ultimate protest singer – singing songs that challenge everything from Fascism to environmental degradation, racism to exploitation of workers, while never accepting “no go areas” like society’s attitudes towards the unborn child .

 Vin Garbutt was a great folk singer who refused to sing songs that betrayed his beliefs. Never tamed by coercive liberalism, despite six acclaimed appearances at the Cambridge Folk Festival and numerous awards he was never invited back to Cambridge after daring to sing two outspoken songs about the vulnerability and fate of unborn children. Vin Garbutt’s believed that through folk music “you hear songs about real things – coal mines, and shipyards closing down” – and that in singing and speaking about abortion and the unborn your music becomes part of “an underground movement of social songs of injustice”. He was effectively driven underground because he saw the ineluctable logic of defending human dignity and human life at every stage.  

 I hope that those who can’t get to hear songs like The Secret and Little Innocents might ask themselves why no radio station plays these songs.  Are these truths that we simply cannot bear to hear – or questions that we cannot allow to be asked?

   Get a flavour of why the BBC and media outlets have suppressed so much of Vin Garbutt’s music by listening to this song about Lynda and her son Kevin. It’s about being diagnosed with a pre-birth disability – which in a country that routinely kills 90% of all babies with Down’s Syndrome is a song that needs to sung and heard.

Click here:


Also, click here to see:


The unborn child at 18 weeks gestation. 600 babies are aborted daily in the UK - some, up to and even during birth, with the full force of British law. 7 million have been aborted since abortion was made legal and some have had up to 8 legal abortions.