Save The Congo:49 pro-democracy protesters killed and President Kabila tries to cling to power, ​crushing those who are calling on him to step down and retire honourably​. See the video; sign the petition. Government Minister’s Reply.


Speak Up For The Women Of The Congo



October 2016: British Government Responds. See Minister’s Letter: scan0031

This week marks the killing, exactly one month ago, of 49 pro-democracy protesters in the streets of Kinshasa – and 2 months to the end of President Kabila’s second and last constitutional mandate. But he is attempting to cling to power and crushing those who are calling on him to step down and retire honourably


Vava Tampa and Save the Congo have launched a new campaign:#KabilaMustGo, to refocus the world’s attention on Congo -.


Please look at the campaign video and consider signing their petition calling on the AU,

EU and UNSC to help put an end to Mr Kabila’s ruthless efforts to cling to power and to push for, and support, strategies and policies that will ensure that Mr Kabila steps down from power by 19 December 2016 as constitutionally mandated and a transitional government is put in place until a new president can be elected.


Campaign video:




Please share the video on social media using hashtag #KabilaMustGo and do sign and ask your friends and families to also sign their petition.