One Child China – “One Child: the story of China’s Most Radical Experiment” China’s One Child Policy; a law that has claimed 8 million British lives: Amnesty International and why its founder, Peter Benenson would have been appalled

David Alton


January 3rd 2016 –  Sunday Times colour supplement: Extracts from Mei Fong’s book “One Child: the story of China’s Most Radical Experiment” (2016)

One Child China – Part Aldous Huxley, part King Herod. Later, Longer, Fewer became, in the vocabulary of loss, “bare branches” and the children “little emperors.”

China may be the first big country to grow old before it gets rich.

China’s population will be too male, too old and too few for continued prosperity.

There are now 13 million undocumented “non existent” children – second children born without the Communist State’s permission.

In little less than a decade there will be more Chinese bachelors than Saudi Arabians on the planet. By 2050 one in three people in China will be retired. If they formed there own country it would be the third largest in the world – behind only India and…

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