Mind The Gap – Keynote Speech to CSAN Conference on Poverty

David Alton

Interview on the Increasing Poverty Gap In Britain:


See also Archbishop Vincent Nichols:

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CSAN Conference, London Keynote Speech, 12 June 2013
David Alton:   Britain Should Mind The Gap

Extract: “We may live in the world’s fifth richest country but because we fail to mind the gap most people have little or no experience of the wealth which that implies.  Instead, too many people’s experience of the fifth richest country in the world is of Food Bank Britain, Sharp Elbowed Britain, Rip-Off Britain and Devil Take The Hindmost Britain.  We have seen the emergence of a new class of people who are outside society: workless, broken, lost to ambition and social improvement and with no stake in society. When you ask the question “who owns Britain?” it’s not the people who have fallen through the gap.””

mind_the_gap-logoDavid Alton delivers the 2012 Tyburn Lecture

The Catholic Response to the Poverty Crisis (CSAN…

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