Chen Guagncheng’s Visit To the UK – Chen is presented with the Westminster Award for Human Rights, Human Life and Human Dignity. Archbishop Desmond Tutu Issues Joint Statement with Chen.

David Alton

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng issued a joint statement calling for international leaders to confront China on their human rights violations

A shocking report in The Financial Times has finally revealed the true extent of China’s one child policy – a policy which has resulted in a massive imbalance between young men and women and which has targeted girls babies in a relentless campaign of gendercide. Over decades, using taxpayers’ money, this is a policy which has been indirectly aided and abetted by successive British Governments.

The report – which is based on official data from the Communist Party’s own health ministry – suggests that Chinese doctors have undertaken over 330m abortions during the 40 years since China began to implement the one child policy.

First introduced in 1971 I began to challenge the policy in 1980, after my election to the House of Commons…

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