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A new song has een recorded to commemorate the Maamtrasna Murders: Listen here –

Maamtrasna Murders – Galway Commemoration, December 2012 – 130 years after the execution of Myles Joyce, an innocent man.

Wreath Laying Galway Cathedral

The President of Ireland, Michael D.Higgins, attended a Mass, the laying of wreaths and a symposium held in Galway on December 15th, 2012, 130 years to the day after the execution of Myles Joyce, wrongly convicted of  the Maamtrasna murders.

The murders and subsequent execution led to a six day parliamentary debate in the House of Commons and ultimately to the collapse of Gladstone’s Government and defeat at the following General Election.

Lord Alton of Liverpool said that it was ironic that Gladstone had coined the phrase “justice delayed is justice denied” – and that “this is precisely what has happened in the case of Myles Joyce, whose trial made a mockery of justice…

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