David Alton


2015: Christians, Christmas, and The Growing Wave of Intolerance….

 Last year, the Sultan of Brunei introduced Sharia criminal law, which allows for punishments including stoning, whipping and amputation. This year, following in the footsteps of Lenin and Stalin, he has banned Christmas celebrations.

And when Somalia, with its history of Al-Shabaab atrocities, lines up in imitation, it should give the Sultan cause to reflect. All the world over we should rejoice in one another’s religious festivals. They can enrich and inspire communities.

 Remember that in Russia, the Communists replaced  St. Nicholas with “Did Moroz,” or Grandfather Frost. Christmas trees were banned and Stalin folded all Christmas celebrations into secular  New Year celebrations. Communists in Vietnam forbade children’s choirs to sing “Silent Night.” and Christmas was banned in Cuba.

In  1983, in Communist Romania, under the dictatorship of Ceaucescu,  a Roman Catholic priest, Father Geza Palffy,  preached against Ceaucescu’s diktat…

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