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Roscoe Lecture Series – 15 – Liverpool – 2012 Facing 21st Century Challenges

Monday 13 February Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland
St George’s Hall
5.00 p.m. “The Case for an Independent Scotland”

Thursday 15 March Professor David Hilmers MD, former astronaut
St George’s Hall “ 4 Times in Space – An Astronaut Returns to
5.00 p.m. Earth to Grapple with its Challenges”

Wednesday 25 April Dr Bill McGuire, University College London
St George’s Hall “Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate
5.00 p.m. Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis & Volcanoes”

Thursday 4 October St George’s Hall 5.00 p.m.Mr Frank Cottrell Boyce, Author “What I learnt from the Olymics”

Wednesday 31 October 5.00 p.m. St George’s Hall

Ms Claire Tomalin, Author
In Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the
5.00 p.m. birth of Charles Dickens

December 3rd 5.00 p.m. St George’s Hall
Mr Will Hutton, Author; Principal of Hertford College, Oxford , author of “The State We’re In”
will speak on “The World We’re In”

January 15th 2013, John Bird, Founder of The Big Issue, and later in the spring, (Baroness) Tani Grey Thompson DBE, Paralympic Gold Medallist

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