Women Rights Without Frontiers Raise The One Child Policy

One of the leading authorities on China’s one child policy, Reggie Littlejohn, spoke on behalf of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers at Westminster, yesterday, March 23rd 2011, about coercive population measures, at a meeting organised by the All Party Group on Human Dignity in conjunction with the All Party pro Life Group.

China is the only country in the world where it is illegal to have a brother or a sister. Second or subsequent pregnancies may be ended by forced abortion or sterilisation. 500 women commit suicide every day in China – 3 times higher than the rate among men and the highest rate of suicide among women in the world.

The policy has been supported by indirect funding via British taxpayers with the support of successive Governments and all the main political parties in Parliament.

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This four-minute video called “Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women!”  was shown at the hearing in Parliament on  Wednesday last.


2 thoughts on “Women Rights Without Frontiers Raise The One Child Policy

  1. Dear Freggie,

    I am so happy to see your message in GLC last night (April 27, 2011) with Tom White and Bob Fu, about China. I have so many China friends here in Indonesia, and I sent them the important message which 500 women commit sucide. We are surprise about this information, especially myself (World Intercessor Network) which we have prayed every Saturday for China, and the world. We will have gathering on the May 7, 2011 we will focus to pray for China in this matter.
    Let the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your ministry,

    Juliana Kainama

  2. Hi ,Mrs Littlejohn, I hear you speak at the radio, I saw the video I will pray for you and The women of China, so the Mercy of Jesus rain on all of them, May Our Savior Bless you and keep you save and the Virgen Maria de Guadalupe pray for all of you specialty the women of China. I will pray a Rosary to the Virgen Mary.
    Rodolfo Monzon

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